A Trunk Full Of Theatre

Ένα Μπαούλο Θέατρο Αφίσα

The “trunk” (DRAMA) begins its journey from Ancient Greece where it was born, in order to be conveyed in the Roman times, to be rescued and preserved during the dark Medieval Ages, to be transformed via Commedia dell’ Arte, to revive and evolve in the years of Renaissance, to take new form through “realism” and conclude its journey –which doesn’t end- with modern Greek theatre. In every stop, costumes, masks, hats etc. come out of the trunk, which -with the aid of music and dance- transport the viewer in every theatrical era.

The aim of this performance is to bring closer the viewers –regardless their age- with the creation of DRAMA and the reasons of its necessity. An amusing, but also, an educational show, the “trunk” (DRAMA), with gaiety yet with respect, enriches the viewers’ aesthetic experiences.

Lena Georgiadou

Nikos Xanthoulis

George Tsapogas

Evie Giannakopoulou,
George Tsapogas

Panos Kourabas,
Panagiotis Malamas

"Pramata & Thamata" SCE

International cooperations
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