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Scenegrowth european project - Pramata & Thamata
Scenegrowth (Scenic Arts for Social Integration) is a project developed and implemented by 3 socio-cultural entities; Ad Hoc Gestion Cultural from Zaragoza, Spain (coordinator), Jaunuoliou Dienas Centras from Panevezys, Lithuania and “pramata& thamata” S.C.E. from Kalamata, Greece.

SCENEGROWTH aspires to provide cultural and performing arts’ organizations with alternatives for new socially-informed methodologies that they can implement to encourage civic engagement. Also, aims to train professionals in the field of cultural and performing arts who work with people at risk of social exclusion and equip them with the necessary tools, materials and practices to improve various abilities and skills so as to be able to carry out their work, committing themselves to the development of a fairer and more equitable society.

Through the activities of the project it is expected to be developed a regional, national and European network of cultural and social entities that will connect professionals with the same concerns and ideas for the inclusion and employability of people at risk of social exclusion, will encourage full and active participation of citizens in cultural events and will highlight the cultural impact of performing arts as a tool for social transformation.


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International cooperations
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