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social acting
SOCIACT (Social Acting) refers to a multilateral project carried out by 6 partners from 5 EU countries, namely Greece, Portugal, Denmark, Poland and Romania. The central idea is to prepare, implement and evaluate 5 study visits in the respective local communities of the partners in order to highlight good practices applied in the field of the so-called Social Theater, i.e. the exploitation of dramatic art for social purposes and for the benefit of weak individuals and marginalized social groups. It also aims to improve the actor’s profession and to encourage them to actively participate in social entrepreneurship actions and in the sector of solidarity economy. The study visits will involve 62 people from the theater sector who are experienced or sensitized in societal matters and human offer to individuals or groups that are on the verge of social exclusion such as elderly, deaf, blind, people with learning disabilities or behavioral difficulties, hospitalized, etc.). Study visits will be organized in partnership with local associated partners and stakeholders from all partner communities, who are active in drama, cultural and social sectors.

The working methods to be applied make use of elements of the socio-cultural theory of learning, emphasizing human relationships, physical objects and cultures. Knowledge acquisition will take place in cooperative environments, through knowledge-tool parallels, but also through discussions and the joint implementation of activities.

The expected results will be the mapping of ways for approaching socially excluded groups through the tools offered by dramatic art, the acquisition of new teaching and operational skills of the participants in the provisional study visits, the widening of the fields of professional or voluntary activity of the professional or student actors and the creation of new or improved social services of partners and associated entities.

The content and the results of the study visits together with a variety of documentation of the project’s complementary actions will be presented in an Activity Report. This product will be available on Web and will be the primary promotional material to be used in the following activities related to dissemination, exploitation and multiplication of project’s outputs. The partners intend to continue their co-operation after the end of the project by creating an active network on Social Theater that will promote actors’ mobility and application of the identified good practices’ activities and they will take steps to further expansion of it.


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Activity & Best Practices Report

All partners’ local coordinators attended the project’s last meeting and discussed their actions’ outcomes and the continuation possibilities of the project. On the occasion of the meeting, they visited Kalamata’s Dance Megaron and Kalamata’s Municipal Theatre where they were briefed about the history, the current and future plans of the theatre from its artistic director, Mr. Giannis Margaritis. Also, they were guided through the moving exhibition “Dreams on black background” at the Gallery of Contemporary Greek Art in the Cultural Centre of Kalamata by the painter himself, Mr. Dimitris Iliopoulos.

Evaluation Meeting

Kalamata, Greece

Result Presentation to local agencies

Kalamata, Greece
Εκδήλωση για τον Τουρισμό
In the framework of the dissemination activities for the project and on the occasion of the event organized by the cultural association "Let's go for a walk" and "Ethos Peloponnesus" S.C.E. for another model of tourism after the pandemic, we presented as invited cultural body in the social economy field the results of the “SOCIAL ACTING” project activities in many institutions of the city including the Environmental Education Center of Kalamata, the “Dive Way” Club, the Dental Association of Messinia, the Art Farm, the organizers and various other guests.
Teatr Brama successfully implemented the fifth Learning Activity of the project and gave the opportunity to all attending partners to be toured around the new facilities of the organization, to attend many and diversified performances within the 22nd Goleniów Theatrical Meeting BRAMAT 2021 -organized by Teatr Brama, to see and exchange views and good practices with social workers, artists and volunteers from many other European countries and to experience the hospitality of the city's inhabitants. The participants also met with Deputy Mayor Tomasz Banach and discussed various social and cultural issues.

Fifth Learning Activity

Goleniów, Poland

Fourth Learning Activity

Holstebro, Denmark
Partner organisation Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium – Odin Teatret was able to successfully host and carry out the fourth Learning Activity, against the ongoing pandemic and the weak mobility attributed to COVID-19. Partner organisations that attended the Activity visited the facilities and the archive of the internationally recognised theatre lab. Partners shared opinions and knowledge on the laboratory’s methodology, as well as the social and artistic impact on the local community and the world. The team also attended the Festuge event (Festive week of Holstebro 2021), in which partner artists initiated a number of interactive performances that involved locals and hosted refugees.
The third Learning Activity was organised by Act-School of Actors and was carried out in full success. Attending artists, collaborators and staff of the other partners had the opportunity to visit and study local initiatives on artistic innovation that bring to surface the social dimension of art and its entrepreneurial solidarity.

Third Learning Activity

Lisbon, Portugal

Second Learning Activity

Athens, Greece
Social Acting - 2η Μαθησιακή δραστηριότητα
The second Learning Activity of the project was successfully organized and realized by the partner Modernoi Kairoi Drama School and Theatrical Group, in their new premises. Members and students of the school prepared and presented to the other partners’ guest representatives and to a limited audience (due to the pandemic) intriguing performances and theatrical approaches that promote and enhance theatrical education, education in general, social cohesion and citizenship.

The partners, in an effort to maintain and widen their cooperation, agreed to record a fairy tale ("The Vain Little Mouse") in different language versions.

  • Greek - Eleni Christidou, Evie Giannakopoulou, George Tsapogas (PRAMATA & THAMATA S.C.E.)
  • English- Jenny Crissey (TEATR BRAMA)
  • Italian- Cristina Baldari (TEATR BRAMA)
  • Spanish- Ares Cainzos Manuel (TEATR BRAMA)
  • Polish- Noemi Wrzos (TEATR BRAMA)
  • Czech- Markéta Nováková (TEATR BRAMA)
  • Portuguese - Soraia Gonçalves (ACT SCHOOL)
  • Danish - Karoline Leonora Seidelin Banke (NORDISK TEATERLABORATORIUM - ODIN TEATRET)
  • Romanian - Directing: Larisa Popa and Alexandra Negoiţê (students in directing), voices: Viorel Cojanu, Silvana Negrouţiu, Vlad Niţê, Câtâlin Vâlcu (actors), sound editing: Radu Apostol (REPLIKA CULTURAL ASSOCIATION)

Actions - Products


Unplanned Teleconference

Due to the unprecedented circumstances (Covid-19 pandemic), on 12/02/2021 an unplanned teleconference was held among the partners of the project for the restructure of the Workplan and the way it is carried out.

Covid-19 Impact on Sociact Partners


First Learning Activity

Bucharest, Romania
Social Acting - 1η Μαθησιακή δραστηριότητα
The hosting partner Replika exceeded expectations and set a high standard with to the point social engaged Programs and shared case study’ approaches and methodology.

Replika modified in the best manner their presentations and programmed activities in order to adapt to the restrictions of the force majeure (covid-19 outbreak)

SWOT Analysis


Kick-Off Meeting

The kick-off meeting was successfully organized in Kalamata

International cooperations
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