45th Panhellenic Paediatric Dentistry Conference, with International Participation (17-19/09/2021)

Organization: Hellenic Society of Paediatric Dentistry and Dental Association of Messinia

Opening Ceremony dedicated to the 200 years since the inception of the Greek Revolution,

Friday 17/09/2021, 20:30, Kalamata Dance Megaron

Social part of the Conference

Historical presentation: Ioannis Plemmenos, Researcher at the Greek Folklore Academy of Athens’ Research Center, Consultant, Professor of the Hellenic Open University

Artistic curation of the event: “Pramata & Thamata” S.C.E
Evie Giannakopoulou, actress
Panos Tantis, musician
Eleni Christidou, musician
Direction: George Tsapogas