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ADORM (Adults On Reciprocal Mission) refers to a multilateral project implemented by 4 partners from Greece, Estonia, Italy and Romania. The central idea is to design, implement, evaluate, document, disseminate and exploit a new model of mutual cooperation between local communities and four EU Member States.
This model collaboration aims to transmit good practice and voluntary, socially recognized contribution from European adult citizens in exchange for promoting the local, cultural heritage of each partner. The main goal of the planned activities is to facilitate the mobility of adults, who will have a dual role as visitors and as volunteers, to the local communities of the partners.
Each partner will create several Local Working Groups (LWGs) in cooperation with local cultural and social structures. They will then organize 4 pilot 7-day hosting programs, involving 48 different adult citizens from the partner Member States. The hosting program will include an educational / recreational part, which will involve acquaintance visits with the local, cultural heritage, as well as a social part, which will involve a short but substantial voluntary offer to individuals and / or institutions in need.
In conclusion, the ADORM project is about promoting intangible and tangible elements of the rich cultural heritage of each partner. It aims to link cultural goods with economic and social life and to show that smart and modest management of cultural resources can have a small but substantial economic and social impact.
The project is targeted at mature adults who want to contribute to society as a whole inside and outside their borders, but they do not know how or they were not given the right opportunity or they have limited financial means.


28/01/2021 Online
Kick-off Meeting

The web-kick-off meeting took place on 28/01/2021 (Force Majeure: Covid-19 pandemic).

Taking into account the mobility restrictions and in general the obstacles imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the partners agreed and set a project’s Workplan allocating each partner’s responsibilities. Nevertheless, they agreed to further their web-meetings in order to be prepared for any alteration the exceptional circumstances may require.