The Suitcase With The Three Tea-Pots

Η Βαλίτσα με τις 3 τσαγιέρες - Αφίσα 1

A tender children’s show for the acceptance of the different, love, friendship and freedom, starring a girl and a dragon. Based on the fairy tale by Vangelis Iliopoulos (Patakis publications), with live music (guitar – flute) and puppets.

“Who would dare to travel to the other side of the forest and beyond; with only one suitcase and three teapots while knowing that a dragon lives in this forest?” “Only the fearless, little girl whose parents raised her without fear”

Eleni Christidou,
Panos Tantis


Puppets, sets:
Panos Tantis, Eleni Christidou, Evi Giannakopoulou

Giannis Dritsas

“Pramata & Thamata” SCE

International cooperations
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