Intermezzo (The day after)


The theatrical event “Intermezzo” concerns a performance with 23 scenes based on the technique of documentary theater. It refers to the historical processes during the Interwar Period.

Cast: Alecos Kolliopoulos, Giorgos Tsapogas, Evie Giannakopoulou, Eleni Christidou, Panos Tantis, Angelos Marinis, Yannis Christeas
Choreography: Maria Lada
Musicians: Alecos Kolliopoulos (Sazi), Eleni Christidou (Accordione), Panos Tantis (Guitar)
Texts, video selection, music editing: Georgia Mourdoukouta, Alecos Kolliopoulos
Song lyrics: Alecos Kolliopoulos Direction: Giorgos Tsapogas, Alecos Kolliopoulos
Projection-video: Leonidas Papadopoulos

 PRODUCTION: “pramata & thamata” S.C.E.

International cooperations
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