Baking tales

Παραμύθια στο ταψί - Πράματα και Θάματα - Θεατρική Παράσταση
Παραμύθια στο ταψί - Πράματα και Θάματα - Θεατρική Παράσταση 2

Delicious narratives and mellow songs in a affectionate performance!

A glass of sugar, a glass of oil.
Cinnamon one spoon and orange juice.
Mix it together, add flour as much as it gets...

Aunt Margarita is the aunt we all wish we had. Sweet and smiling, always cheerful and willing to tell us fairy tales, make us home-made cookies, offer time, love and warmth. Aunt Margarita is accompanied by Renos, a wandering musician who is crazy about her cookies and accompanies her in her singing and story-telling.

Aunt Margarita and Renos travel to schools, libraries, museums and wherever else they can meet children who want to hear fairy tales and taste crunchy and fragrant cookies. The cookies from which stories and songs spring forth about flour and sugar, oil, cinnamon and oranges. Cookies that aunt Margarita kneads, molds and bakes on stage for her beloved children.

With lies and truth, fairy tales are baked!

Aunt Margarita's magical cookie recipe becomes the vessel for young and old to traverse along the paths of simplicity and wisdom of folk tales and meet a shrew who lost her tail, an ant of marriageable age and a brilliant mouse.

Concept-Text-Lyrics: Valentina Papadimitraki
Original music and Music editing: Alexandros Ieronimidis
Direction: Giorgos Tsapogas
Sets - costumes: Niki Karageorga
Recordings: Panos Kourabas
Actors: Evie Giannakopoulou, Giorgos Tsapogas

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