About us

“Pramata & Thamata” SCE was founded in 2014, in Kalamata, Greece for the purposes of  Social and Solidarity Economy and aims to promote entrepreneurship in fields such as culture, environment and education in order to enhance cultural decentralization.

“Pramata & Thamata” SCE encourages and believes in the interconnection and collaboration among cultural organizations; has organized various cultural, social and educational initiatives with the collaboration of many organizations from Greece and abroad and has elaborated on various projects which circulated in schools, festivals and businesses.

“Pramata & Thamata” ’s philosophy is to promote education through culture and culture through education. That is why in its activities and incentives “Pramata & Thamata” always collaborates with authorized entities and fully trained and qualified work force   -with pedagogical, artistic and administrative education- and employs innovative techniques (animation, artistic experimentation).

George Tsapogas

He was born in Athens and grew up in Kalamata. He studied drama at Athens Drama School of G. Theodosiadis and graduated in 1994. Since then he has been working continuously in the field of performing arts. He has significant experience in theater, children’s theater, drama workshops, television, cinema and radio. Since 2014 he is a founding member and president of “pramata and thamata” S.C.E. -which is focused on culture, education and the environment- and counts a number of actions and shows in which he stared, directed and presented in collaboration with many cultural organizations.

Alekos Koliopoulos

He was born in Kalamata in 1954. He studied Architecture (1979) and Drama (1981) in Thessaloniki. He has worked as an actor and director in the greatest theater scenes in Greece and as an actor he has starred in films, television series and radio shows. From 2008 to 2012 he was the artistic director of Kalamata’s Municipal Theater. In 2014 he retired as an Architect. As a founding member of “pramata and thamata” S.C.E. he offers his services and assistance in its actions free of charge.

Evie Giannakopoulou

She was Born and raised in Athens. She graduated from B.C.A. College (European Business) and from Anglia Ruskin University of Cambridge in 1999 (Business Administration). Her artistic concerns and skills led her to Athens Drama School of G. Theodosiadis, where she graduated in 2005. With years of experience in dance and singing and after attending a plethora of seminars, she has been working as an actress and drama workshop educator since 2006. She speaks three foreign languages (English, French, Italian). Since 2014 she is a founding and active member of “pramata and thamata” S.C.E in which she is responsible for European programs. Since 2009 she lives and works in Kalamata.

Giota Militsi

She was born and raised in Kalamata. She studied at Theatro Technis’ Drama School (Art Theater). For nearly 25 years she has been playing in the theater and has collaborated with the National Theater and many Municipal Theaters of Greece while organizing theatrical play’ workshops for children. She has starred in commercials, TV series, movies and cartoons’ animation. She is currently directing and acting as a voice actor in animated series and films. Founding member of “pramata and thamata” S.C.E.

Eleni Christidou

She was born in Athens. She studied piano with Takis Farazis, advanced theory at the National Conservatory of Athens, Theater at the Higher School of Dramatic Art “Modern Times” (2008) and graduated from the Department of Music Studies of the University of Athens in 2011. She plays accordion, guitar, flute and bendir. Her great affection and love for children led her to work as an animator in music-drama workshops. Since 2015 she lives and works in Kalamata where she gives music lessons, appears in music and theater scenes, coordinates children’s artistic events and theatrical events. Since 2017 she is a member of “pramata and thamata” S.C.E.

Panos Tantis

He was born in Athens and from an early age he has grown affection for music and dance. He studied at the Department of Music Technology and Acoustics in Rethymno (2002-2006). He plays guitar, bass, percussion, baglama. Founding member of the bands: “Sevensinsmotel” and “Juran Juran”. He has substantial experience as an animator in music and drama workshops. He teaches music education, appears in music and theater scenes, is involved in creative video and coordinates children’s art groups. With the group “Tsikibom” he creates original musical plays. Since 2017 he is a member of “pramata and thamata” S.C.E.

Sofia Athanasiadou

She was born and lives in Athens. A Graduate of Northern Greece’ State Theater Drama School (1982). She is an experienced administrator and coordinator of non-formal education projects with remarkable experience in animating social groups, in cooperative social-commercial and solidarity entrepreneurship and in teaching vocabulary, speech training, expression, communication and socio-cultural intervention skills. She is in charge of designing and organizing social and cultural action programs engaging children, young adults and seniors.